Jewelry Pieces that Any Woman Must Own

The purpose of jewelry is to enhance the beauty of a woman and to offer them a more delicate and elegant air. Every woman loves the feeling they get from wearing a statement ring or a sophisticated watch so every woman should invest in quality pieces of jewelry that will preserve their beauty and value over time. Here are the jewelry pieces that every woman should have in their jewelry case.

A pair of diamond studs

When Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, she knew what she was talking about. Diamond studs might seem simple but they offer an elegance that no other pair of day earrings can offer. The size depends on every woman’s preferences but the diamond studs will always manage to match an outfit and offer a special glow to the woman wearing them.

A pearl necklace

Nothing says femininity and elegance like a pearl necklace, which is why every woman should have one. You won’t have to spend a fortune on one since you can find many affordable items that will help you dress classy any time. If you choose a delicate model, you can even wear it during the day without looking rigged out.

A jeweled watch

While a simple watch can’t do much for an outfit, a jeweled watch is a true piece of art and you should definitely own one. It will help you add a touch of style to any outfit and you will need no other jewelry piece. If you are not a fan of bracelets, a jeweled watch is a perfect combination between beautiful and functional.

A pair of chandelier earrings

No evening gown is highlighted without the right pair of chandelier earrings that can make you look like a princess. A pair adorned with precious stones requires no other piece of jewelry as it can enhance your aspect on its own. Choose either a gold or a silver pair to match your outfit and you will need no other adornment.

A statement ring

You can forget about all those small rings that you have and invest in a gorgeous statement ring that can become the centerpiece of your outfit. Opt for precious metals that last over time and if you can afford one with a gemstone, you will have the perfect piece of jewelry to complete any outfit.